Fallin’ into Tree

So as we move into fall, the leaves change and I begin to notice differences in my body when I wake up as well.  A few more creaks and a hair more stiffness.  I feel the changes of the season and this reminds me that my yoga practice as well as my coffee order or vegetable purchases may shift as well. Pumpkin Spice latte anyone? So last week I read this short poem and we pretended to be trees as we got into poses feeling the rootedness and downward energy coming from our base (whatever body parts were touching the mat) and noticing that when you feel rooted on the mat, you are able to lift more elongating your spine and creating space for your branches to grow.

Advice from A Tree

Stand up tall and proud.

Sink your roots into the earth.

Be content with your natural beauty.

Go out on a limb.

Drink plenty of water.

Remember your roots.

Enjoy the view!

We practiced tree pose standing with one foot on a block to create some extra lift.  Some things to remember in tree pose.  Take the leg variation of your choice playing with all three of them and seeing what your body wants in that given moment.  Notice differences in each side.  Try to find that balance between a subtle stillness but not locking your entire body because you don’t want to fall. Embrace the sway.  And as the poem says – enjoy the view!  The more you root down, the more you grow up and out.  Namaste!


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