Let’s talk about squats….yogi

Last week during class we spent some time in malasana or garland pose, the yogic squat.  While this pose may feel foreign or uncomfy at first, when practiced regularly, it helps one get connected to their root, aids in digestion, strengthens the lower half of the body, and taps into our downward flowing energy.    This pose used to be more present historically (child birth, eating, potty breaks) but in modern day societies, we rarely sit like this.  Malasana is a very calming and grounding pose that is beneficial when leading a busy lifestyle.  It helps bring us back to our center or our root.

Over the weekend, I saw on Facebook one of my favorite yoga teachers back in Easton PA post an article about the forgotten art of squatting.  See full article here:  https://quartzy.qz.com/1121077/to-solve-problems-caused-by-sitting-learn-to-squat/

The article helps explain the benefits of the squat and how rare we are in this position and the downstream ramifications of not squatting over time.  Synovial fluid in our body is what helps lubricate our joints and keep us a fine, healthy, well oiled machine.  If we do not continuously use and bend our joints in all directions and ways then production of this fluid is stopped leading to tension, reduced range of motion, and eventually maybe even injury not to mention slower digestion, lack of focus and rootedness.  The more we root down, the more we rise up.

So if you don’t want to lose it – use it.  There are squat variations for those of you that are super tight and cannot get into the fullest expression of the pose.  With time and practice, many of you shall.  The beauty of the body is it’s ability to adapt, change, and heal.

Below are some pics to help you bring back your squat!




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