Ego Trap

So recently I have been finding my Instagram feed full of pictures of beautiful scenery, yoga poses, healthy food, cute children, and inspirational quotes.  All of these things sing to my heart.  My mind and eyes like this, it’s like food for my vision and my soul.  Last weekend I was drawn to this particular one about the ego trap and I think the ego can definitely affect one from having a true yoga experience so it is a good reminder to notice it when it comes up, and draw back to the breathe and center.  Here’s the original post:


So this week in class, we are going to focus on with each exhalation, exhaling out judgement. Judgment of ourselves and of others.  Too often we can get caught up in thinking we know what is right in every moment and in every situation and it clouds the humanness, uniqueness, and deep healthy relationships that can unfold if we take the ego out of situations. Often times, I see students or myself struggle in a pose and it is almost as if you can see the steam coming from their internal dialogue of thinking they “should” be able to do something or feeling inferior because they can’t.  What I love about yoga is the diversity of poses and that each day and each body is so vastly different.  If we can put the ego aside and learn to love that about it, it becomes an entirely different journey to the yogi.

The sweet spot in a pose and the cusp from which one can grow and get deeper, is often found when we are able to let go of judgement and criticism.  It is just you and your breath and your being.  When we listen and honor the breath and our current capability without judgement…..This leads to more freedom on the mat, more self love, and move love for the fellow yogis in the room.  And like most of what we do on the mat, it can transcend into what we take out into the world.  Those poses you can’t do may help humble you and those you master can help build confidence to try some of the other ones and challenge yourself.  It’s a balance.  And the true yoga is found when you let go of the ego, let go of perfection,  and you tune into the subtle vibrations of the breath and it’s movement inside the channels of the body.  This will guide you when to push and pull, when to be strong and vulnerable, when to allow yourself to experience all the colors of the rainbow.

So this week, let’s inhale NEW CLEAN FRESH oxygen and exhale any judgement of ourselves or others.

See you on the mat!


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