Hi Yogis!


REMINDER: There will be no class this upcoming Friday, March 23rd and we will be on break until the first class back, which will be Monday, April 9th at 10am! Email me to reserve your spot for Monday’s class.


Now….during break I have been thinking about some pointers I could give on building a daily practice so we are ready to bounce into SPRING! Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth and therefore “Spring” cleaning and cleansing are things our bodies naturally tend to want to do this time of year. Our body is flushing out toxins everyday keeping us healthy and strong and as we age, so anything we can do to support the spring cleaning of our bodies after a long winter – I am in full encouragement of.


  • Breathing! – If you do nothing else over break, try taking a few (3) minutes each morning and evening to do some alternate nostril breathing. Make sure you create the space and time to do this alone and in silence. So often we wake up out of bed answering the phone or making breakfast and have no time to connect with our core. Alternate nostril breathing is a very balancing breath that leads you back to your center and keeps you calm, grounded, and in tune with what you need as you move about your day.
  • For those of you who would like a quick spring detox routine that balances both strength and grace – I have researched and found this 12 stepper you can try. It is from a book called “Holistic Yoga Flow: The Path of Practice”. You will begin in child’s pose for a few breaths thinking about what you want to get out of the upcoming spring as we turn back towards the light. Lighter days, lighter jackets, more sun. Then rise to all fours, tuck toes and back into downward dog. From down dog, come into low lunge, then high lunge, then prayer twist. Do on both sides. From back into down dog, then do twisted triangle into twisted half moon, also on both sides. Lots of twisting to wring out the digestive organs from a winter of maybe heavier food and some hibernating. Then come into forearm plank and hold. I am revising a little of the flow here. Then come onto your belly and into bow pose. Next is a seated twist into a seated forward fold. Almost done! Lastly, come into a supported shoulder stand with a block underneath the sacrum. Then, rest in final resting pose or a seated spring meditation. Feel the effects of your internal spring cleaning as you set some intentions for loving YOU.
  • As for FOOD – now is a great time to do a spring detox. Email me if you would like some help on types of cleansing etc. If cleansing doesn’t fit you right now – make small steps. Sometimes a small step forward is a big one for instance, drinking more WATER. Turn more towards natural whole foods and less processed food. As you tune into your breath (step #1) you will be naturally guided to make better decisions on what you put on your plate and in your mouth. It’s a beautiful journey.






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