2018 Reflections

Around this time of year, I tend to get a bit reflective and nostalgic.  I reflect back on the year past and also look ahead towards the new one. I adore this time of year.  All the lights, all of the gift giving, helping those less fortunate, parties, time off, the ground covered in white fluffy stuff, baking cookies – all of those things are truly my jam.   It is truly magical & special.  Sometimes, it can be stressful and I can overdo but usually my eyes are called back to some twinkly lights, or Kira’s reaction to snow, or someone hands me a christmas cookie shaped like Santa and I smile.  I have fond memories growing up of spending time in upstate NY with my extended family all gathered in the basement of my grandmother’s house with a pool table, homemade christmas cookies, board games, and lots of just hanging out.  When she passed, this tradition evolved and became something at my mom’s house in Virginia with my siblings which evolved to siblings + spouses and then evolved to siblings + spouses + children.  And then…we moved to Switzerland.  This year especially, Christmas will be a bit different.  It’ll be my immediate family (Stan, Kira, Higgens, and I) and I am excited to celebrate our growth through this move and how connected as a family we have become.  I am so grateful for my friends and my students here (who are also my teachers).   I love teaching and I love sharing something that has changed me in a positive light.  With each class, I gain more confidence in my teaching and when I can look back on that larger book of experience, I am content.

A piece of me is also missing something.  Yet, I know my family is in my heart and I was lucky to have some time with my family the beginning of December, in yet another magical place – Disney.   So whilst things are “different” this year – that ability to be whole and content inside, is something that can always be tapped into and my practice helps remind me of my core and my center where peace/acceptance resides.   And, it also helps that there is FaceTime and I can see their faces.

Whether you are with family or alone, at times we all fall out of balance.  If you are surrounded by family 24/7 this holiday season, then you may crave some peace and if you are alone then you may crave some hustle & bustle.  I truly believe we need a bit of both.  And yoga teaches that.  We need the “can do” and we need the “let go”.  We need the “faster harder” and we need the “softer gentler”.  We need the moments of strength, we need moments of grace.  And the BEST thing is when we allow ourselves to experience the full spectrum of both and rather than judge, let us feel what we are feeling in that very moment even if the time isn’t opportune, and see where we can bring balance to the body, peace to our mind,  love to our hearts, and freedom to our breath.

Wishing you a wonderful, blessed, & magical holiday season.

XOXO, (<—I love Gossip Girl!)

Yoga Girl

snowman and drum decor
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