Transition into Spring

I am beyond ready for the season shift and saying buh-bye to winter. Whilst I love winter for a variety of reasons (Christmas trees, vacation, gift giving, being thankful, spending more time with loved ones by warm cozy fires, finding incredible wrapping paper to make someone’s gift that much more special, etc) – this one has been a bit intense. With the Australian fires, Kobe Bryant passing, and the Coronavirus – I am ready to celebrate the end of winter like the Swiss do with a big parade, floats, confetti, candy for kids, and strong liquor. And I barely drink alcohol.

So as we shift into the season of renewed hope and there is a good bit of clearing and cleansing to do – our yoga practice may find some shifts as well. So it is important to take care of ourselves, nourish our bodies, and listen to our inner guides. I recently came across this list of 15 Scientific reasons Spring is the most delightful season ( and I wanted to share those reasons with you (I added a little something something behind each reason as to what I thought of when I read each one). It sorta confirmed for me some of why I am excited to shift into Spring. The wintertime can be tough for a lot of people and in the yoga world – we talk about connectedness and how we are all connected by the seasons and by the Earth and her beauty and her changes.

1) Temps are moderate – Did you know peeps are most comfy at 72 degrees F? You don’t have to wear as many layers, do as much laundry, or worry about being caught without your mittens on, on a really blustery day.

2) There is more daylight. Who doesn’t like the light?

3) The birds return. Chirp Chirp

4) There are baby animals everywhere – new birth, new love, new light

5) You are safer. I had no idea there was a 27% drop in robberies in the spring

6) You can go outside. Not to say you can’t go outside in the winter but again percentage wise we spend more time in heated areas in the winter. (most of us)
Except Olaf.

7) It makes you more creative – I love to create. The creative juices make me feel most alive.

8) The leaves come back – again, new growth and beauty

9) Growing Plants absorb carbon dioxide – Fresh oxygen!

10) It’s easy to find fresh produce – the fresher, the more nutrients to our beings

11) Flowers are in bloom – Lady Bird wanted to plant more flowers in Washington because she knew what new flowers did for people.

“Ugliness is so grim,” Lady Bird Johnson once said. “A little beauty, something that is lovely, I think, can help create harmony which will lessen tensions.”  (Smart Lady!)

12) You can take your exercise outdoors – Double WIN!

13) You don’t have to worry about dry air – Nobody likes crusty boogers

14) You can open your windows – welcome nature into our homes! the outside world and inner world come together

15) You can get your vitamins naturally – shine your face to the sun


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