My Love of a Good Leggin’

Soooo….I was a little unsure if I could actually write 300 words about a legging BUT I have decided that the only way to find out is always to try so why not?  I often tell Kira never to give up and not quit before she starts so I have to often remind myself of my own words and example.

A couple weeks ago my yoga teacher training in Thailand got officially cancelled by the corona crisis and I was totally bummed.  I have always wanted to go to Thailand and I was super excited to get my 300 hr teacher training and spend some time focused on solely taking care of myself and my craft.  I felt like something was telling me that Kira is getting older and I just turned 40 and it was my time to do something for me.  Well, enter somebody else’s plan and another lesson on surrender.  So instead of going to Thailand alone – I am in a house with my family hanging out 24/7 except for the occasional trip to Giant and/or the Dollar Store or Green Vida Wednesday.   In honoring this transition, I decided I could take some of the money that was designated for the teacher training and buy a few new duds.  New clothes often make me reinvigorated with my workouts and wanting to keep myself in good shape so that I feel well, live well, and like putting on new pants.

So I have been wanting to try the brand KiraGrace for a bit now.  One, I love the name.  Kira makes me happy cause it’s my daughter’s name and Grace – well, grace has gotten me through a lot of tough times and I often have to remind myself to allow myself more grace.  I feel like it’s a super power and a super word.  I also love that the company is 100% female owned and dedicated to empowering women and giving back.  Just speaks to my heart center.  I was hesitant to buy without having tried on but I had a coupon code for a FREE leggin so I filled my shopping cart, clicked submit, and awaited my order.  And, I have to say – I am in love with my leggings from there!! I also love the one top and the other one I haven’t tried on yet but these leggings I LOVE!!  First of all they are long enough to do the thing where you put the pant down over your ankle which for some reason makes me feel super sleak and like I could for just a little while morph into spiderwoman.   AND they have little pockets.  I don’t know what it is about pockets but I was also once obsessed with a dress that a girl picked out on the show “Say Yes to the Dress” because it had these super cute pockets she could put her hands in.  It actually made me want to marry again or renew my vows so that I could have had pockets.  Not only can you do the ankle thing and have pockets with these KiraGrace leggings- they are also super comfy! The material is soft and cozy.

So – in case you were wondering where to get them….go here and if you were wondering if I hit 300 words or not – 529!

Much Love & Leggings,





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  1. Such an amazing n inspiring story! May the divine glory of God shine upon all the efforts!!
    Thank you for creating n sharing 💜🌻🌷

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