How to give love to your immune system


With all of the talk of the corona virus and some more time at the homefront  – now is a great time to experiment with ways to work from the inside out to help support your well-being.

These do not have to be in pill form, they can be used in your cooking or drank in the form of a hot tea whilst rewatching Hart of Dixie after your child’s in bed.  I realized during my cancer crisis that it was a wake up call to how I was treating my body.  One of my favorite quotes that Stan and I saw at a spa in Italy when I was planning one of my yoga class themes was by Jim Rohn.  It said “Take care of your body.  It is the only place you have to live.”  I noticed when I started reading and shifting how to better feed myself, it didn’t take long before I felt the changes.  The more energy and good stuff I had in me, the more of it oozed out.  Now, I don’t think it is ALL what you put in, some of it is your thoughts and relationships to yourself, your past, your trauma, your work etc etc.  But what I can say is that the gut speaks to the brain and the brain speaks back and all parts of you speak to each other and that the brain can try to overpower it but it is in my opinion, that the brain more naturally thinks positive when the body is in a state of well being.  Now we all know the nutrients in our food has been depleted with time and how we care for our animals and land.  We also know how we move our body affects our functioning.  So on top of the lifestyle advice of sleeping well, eating right – eat the rainbow and reduce packaged foods, laughing, moving your body, and finding ways to de-stress if stress arises (Yoga!), I’m going to review some other tips to boosting immunity.

  1. Vitamin D – This isn’t new information.  Shine your face in the sun when you can and when you can’t supplement.
  2. Zinc – Zinc Deficiency affects 2 billion people per year
  3. Vitamin C – citrus fruits and fermented veggies
  4. Elderberry – can be found in a variety of forms from syrups to tea and has several positives to boosting immunity
  5. Medicinal Mushrooms – Top 2 are chaga and cordyceps – these also have a host of benefits to boosting immunity
  6. Garlic – super anti inflammatory – can make pesto or add to sauces and stir fries
  7. Licorice – reduces stress and helps respiratory system
  8. B Complex – lots of benefits to your cell function
  9. Curcumin – anti inflammatory, can be added to food or supplement – I even made an eye mask once but let me warn you – the orange tint could stay on until you scrub

I hope this info finds you well and offers some ideas on keeping well!



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