Amber Bracelet or Necklace – worth an add?

A necklace or bracelet that can relieve negative emotion and also be anti-inflammatory?

I figured this was worth a looksy at in my exploration of ideas to help support natural wellness and healing.  When I first arrived back in the states, one thing that I did notice in my shopping was an increase in CBD oils and related product than what I remembered before leaving.  There was an entire counter at the hot tub store dedicated to CBD products.   I saw it at Wegmans as well.  A lot of the diseases that exist in America from depression to obesity stem from a systemic inflammatory response.  Something ain’t happy inside the body.

My neighbor and friend mentioned to me that she had purchased a matching amber bracelet set for her and her daughter as a gift.  She had read that it helps with anxiety and pain.  I liked the idea that 1) they were matching and to be shared between mother/daughter and 2) that it was something different but along the lines of using essential oils and stones to support overall well being.

So – let’s take a look at amber.  Amber contains succinic acid which is a natural analgesic and healing agent and for those of you that like science – the chemical formula of this acid is C4H6O4.  It is said to ease stress by clearing fears and phobias, helps to balance emotions, and release negative energy.  All sounds good to me – right?  The Amber will be warmed against the skin and then the acid will be absorbed through the skin, thus helping with pain.  It has been used for ailments that range from teething to arthritis.  It appears to be good for approximately 2 years so in terms of expense, this may also be better than medicating, not to mention some of the jewelry I looked at is actually quite cute! The color itself is very warming and has a lot of the hues one can find in watching a beautiful sunset.

Yellow amber is the most pure and is also called “butter” followed by lemongrass, honey, cognac, cherry and then black cherry. So the darker you go, the less succinic acid contained.  It is produced from plant resin, not tree sap.  Most of the oldest amber comes from areas around the Baltic Sea.  The biggest producer of Baltic Amber is Kaliningrad, a city in Russia.

I think adding the wear of an amber bracelet day here and there could be a good idea on one’s path to supporting themselves and their well being.  I found sites that sell jewelry for both men & women!






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