A day of Adventur’ing

Okay so right before we went into corona quarantine,

I was talking about the transition into Spring during my yoga classes and how to  prep the body so one class I shared 15 things that Spring brings and one that I found interesting was actually a decrease in crime.  Apparently the sun has a positive effect on not only vitamin D levels, the corona virus, but also on people committing theft.  So I think we can all agree that nature is an amazing healer.  Also, this online learning thing – I truly hope it does not continue, especially for the younger ones.  It is completely foreign to Kira and she is done by around 10:30 am.  Now I have enjoyed some positives from it – I have more time in the morning to exercise or enjoy breakfast without having that school bus deadline, we can be more creative with breakfast, and I have actually seen her keyboard skills improve.  I also have gotten to actually see what Kira is learning and gotten to do some art with her.  But, she cannot stare at the screen for that long and today her and I were both itching to go out.  So we decided that even though it wasn’t the weekend and it was technically a “school day” – that it was time to go on an adventure.  She actually called in “adventuring” to make it into a verb.

This past Sunday I had googled the best parks near Easton, PA and I liked the name Ringing Rocks and it wasn’t too far – about a half hour – so we decided on going there.  And, we loved it.  So Kira and I went back today as we didn’t get to explore it quite as much as we had wanted because last time we brought the two little pups. So this time we walked them before and then left them at the house to chill.  Oh, and this time we brought a hammer.  We had no idea that beating a rock with a hammer was a thing.  But at Boulder Field in Ringing Rocks, PA – it is!  Some of the rocks make a thud and some make a ding – it all depends on their composition.   It kinda reminded me of the price is right and sticking a key into the ignition of a car hoping it turns it on and sometimes- you get a winner!

We started off going the same route we had gone – we visited boulder field and then went on to see the waterfall and then we got on the loop to see where it takes you.  We kept going and we kept hearing dinging which meant we were somewhere near boulder field again.  Boulder Field consists of exactly what its name is – a field of nothing but big boulders.  We ran into a lady who told us that these rocks were at one point under water with dinosaurs and then when the plates shifted – the water eventually went away – leaving these rocks.  This excited Ms. Kirabelles.  So we came to the opposite side of where we had entered boulder field and instead of walking back around we decided to cross it.  Now Kira was already hungry and telling me she was down to about 4% battery (she was making an analogy to my cell phone) so I was a bit apprehensive that this may not go so well but once she started climbing – she said she was getting energy back.  I was like – well keep on going then girlfriend.  Now sometimes yes it was a little “rocky” at points and sometimes I grabbed her hand or she encouraged me but we made it across and had a lot of fun in the process.  It also was way less crowded today. So before we left, we stared out at the sea of rocks we had crossed and both said we had had a good day adventuring.

On the drive home, we noticed a little farm stand store that was open and you could actually go inside so we did.  She had the prettiest flowers outside and inside we got some green beans, lettuce, Bobs Red Mill almond flour and flaxseed, and Kira picked out some sprinkles for her birthday cake that she has already started planning for in July.  The lady was super nice and we were able to chat normally, even with our masks on which was nice.  I realized how much I do miss random conversations with people at the grocery store or from class or that I run into during my “normal” daily life.  Kinda like my bus stop chat.

After the store, we thought we were headed home but then spotted a playground that didn’t look like it had yellow crime scene tape around it so we decided it was open!  Score Again! So Kira ran free and played while mommy sat and took a break enjoying a nice day outside.  There is something very refreshing about being outside in the midst of something so unknown.  I feel surrounded and protected by fresh air, trees, and the simple smiles of a 6 year old frolicking on a playground.  Something about that feels just right and well and hopeful for her future.  In something so serious, she hasn’t lost the child inside of her that doesn’t think so much, but lives completely in the moment.

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