FNX Women’s Repair Multivitamin

So…..recently I was looking for a way to ensure that I was getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that I need to support me in all of my endeavors in life as a busy person.

In a previous post I talked about trash and our relationship to the earth being important because also if our soil is depleted and our food is microwaved – we aren’t getting all of the good stuff that we used to.  And….even though I am not OLD, I am OLD-er so it makes sense that if I can give my body some extra love at this stage – I am open to it.  So I have searched and added a multivitamin to my routine of self-care, along with this amazing rose water spritzer I got from NuHouse.

This company had reached out recently and I checked out their website.   Whilst I was in Switzerland I had switched up my exercise to include high intensity training and overtime I noticed a bit more wear and tear and stiffness in my body.  I also think as a female who previously had eating disorders, body issues, etc – my relationship with food and I has always been complicated.  I think I have done the work to repair a lot of this – but if I am going to be exercising and working my body, it is imperative to make sure I am also getting the right combination of rest, time, relaxation, and nutrients to repair and build a stronger me.  My diet nowadays is pretty much 80/20 – 80% wholesome as I can get and 20% you gotta live a little -and even with this sometimes ya need a boost.  So, the first thing I loved about this company was their cause.  Every time a purchase is made, a child receives one gallon of clean water and to date, FNX has donated over 103,000 gallons of clean drinking water to those who need it.  This speaks to my heart center.

So whilst on the site – I noticed the REPAIR Women’s Multivitamin and took a peak at all that it contains.  This vitamin includes those deficiencies that are seen in women including Vitamin D, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, and B12.  It also has Biotin that supports healthy hair and nails.  On top of that – the part I loved the most – is the Herb Complex added.  I noticed it has Maca which is amazing for hormones, Cran – good for urinary health, Ashwagandha root which is amazing for strengthening the body against stress, and horsetail which helps to eliminate bloating and support the kidneys.  You take 2 per day with a glass of water and I have personally decided to take the weekends off because I don’t like the idea of taking anything EVERYDAY and iron can be constipating but I have not noticed any difference in that.  I am noticing more energy and more overall balance and resilience.

So if you are looking for some nutritional support – check them out and feel free to use my code to get a 15% discount.








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