It’s Tea Time!

Okay, so I am a huge lover of coffee. Yes, the post said tea….


Like, I am not even sure if HUGE truly encompasses what a piping hot cup of joe does to my lips as I take the first sip.  However, I also know that if I consume too much – it does have some not so great side effects and is taxing to the adrenals and nervous system.  I have noticed this first hand.  I gave up coffee when I got sick back in 2010.  Coffee and Chemo made me want to vomit doubly.  The combination was scary.  Then after a while I added back in Coffee Wednesdays and would stop and get one on my way to work.  I have dabbled in teas – green tea, bladder tea, make you happy tea, ginger tea, all kinds of tea. I can’t say it packs the same punch for me.  I often feel like my water has something floating in it but it’s like weaker than coffee – almost like when I hit the Nespresso button to make my coffee but forgot the capsule and it comes out as dirty water.  Yet I have noticed that when I drink coffee regularly – my thighs are bigger.  I think it is hormonal and some days I don’t care and would rather just have my one coffee a day and other days – I feel the need for a clean out and to test this theory.  I also don’t like the idea of HAVING TO HAVE anything regularly.  So again, some days I am okay with my one cup a day habit telling myself I don’t have many others and then other days I want to take a break.  So….during this one week cleanse that I am on – coffee and I are on a break.

So to prepare myself for this break – I happened to see a company called Rasa on Instragram offering a variety of coffee alternatives in the form of tea blends with different herbs.  So I purchased one big bag of the BOLD and then a sampler of the others.  Rasa was founded by a lady named Lopa van der Mersch.  She is also a mom and was looking for a coffee alternative because her coffee habit was leading to sleepless nights and anxiety.

It arrived last week and whilst I have not sampled all of them – I have tried the BOLD and the original adaptogenic coffee alternative and am pleased with both! I will most likely not give up coffee, but I will alternate.  The BOLD has a blend of 17 herbs.  Some of these powerful herbs include rhodiola that vikings had, schisandra which was drank by Siberian hunters, and shilajit which was consumed by Yogic sages.  Bold is a comprehensive formula designed for athletes, parents, entrepreneurs, creatives, and all of us navigating this busy busy modern world.   Now if you are wondering what an adaptogen is – that is also expained well on Rasa’s site.  Basically our bodies respond differently to different amounts of stress based on our programming and how healthy our bodies are in terms of maintaining homeostasis.  When you are consistently in a “stressed” phase for too long – your energy reserves get depleted and you head for burnout.  This is where the adaptogens will help you to adapt.  They are amazing super herbs that live in harsh conditions around the world and therefore know how to survive under stress.  They help you to stay balanced and not go into that red zone of wigging out, yelling, or reaching for something that actually will not sustain you nor give you the consistent energy you are looking for.

The BOLD was really tasty but the Original is probably my favorite thus far in terms of being comparable in taste to coffee and I am excited to try the cacao one as a treaty treat to myself.  My favorite part of reading about this one on Rasa’s site was the quote from someone who had tried it and said:  “Opening the bag is like getting smacked in the face with a bar of chocolate.”  So I personally cannot wait to get chocolate slapped soon.   Will let you know!


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