Strawberry Milkshake Cashew Fudge

Okay, so read the title again. 

Who doesn’t remember liking a strawberry milkshake because one it combined ice cream and two it came out pink in color? Okay – so maybe not everyone but I sure did.  Now yesterday I heard on the radio – they were talking about eating well and how instead of going on strict diets that are not sustainable (funny how this word becomes used more and more across all industries – sustainable growth & sustainable lifestyle)-get it yet?! – we are running ourselves and our planet into the ground.   It is best to keep adding good stuff where you can in replacement of the maybe not so great and I won’t even say bad because sometimes a strawberry milkshake is fabulous and necessary.  But those are intended to be treats & special occassions for most of us.  Not the norm.  Children in Africa are starving.   And if you want to stay fit or  if you are experiencing low energy, weight gain, and want to tone up for your overall health and upcoming summer months – here is a recipe I found a couple years ago and have made time to time since because it is so EASY and so TASTY and can fulfill the urge for that milkshake at times and boost you full of magnesium (from the cashews) which helps your body in the metabolism of food and the synthesis of fatty acids and proteins.  A magnesium deficiency is linked to insulin resistance.

I particularly seem to crave this recipe when it hits strawberry season and I took a ride yesterday to Whole Foods and the strawberries looked amazing so I brought them home and this recipe came to mind.  It comes from a website called Wall Flower Kitchen, and as always I have offered some suggestions on replacements and/or fun adds because again – I like playing and experimenting in the kitchen.

Things you will need:

6-8 large strawberries

6-8 tbsp maple syrup or sweetener of choice (today I didn’t have any sweetener on hand so made without and it is still tasty because of the sweetness from the strawberries so depending on your taste buds try different sweeteners or without)

8 tbsp of coconut oil (I didn’t have this either so I added a bit of macadamia oil – I have to say I do suggest the coconut oil because it did make for a creamier version but it is possible had I added a bit more of the macadamia oil it may have sufficed)

1 cup soaked cashews

2 tbsp raw coconut flour – today I used arrow root to thicken a bit and added a little lemon juice because most vegan nut based cheesecakes include lemon to help it get that cheesecake consistency and I love that

optional tsp vanilla extract

You blend all of this together and then either pour into molds or ice cube trays.  I poured mine into one circle pie pan and let it freeze for  a bit before I cut into cubes but I have also used a mini ice cub tray and the website uses these cute little heart molds for a Valentine’s Day idea.  I also added a little flaxseed today which does change the texture a bit and ups the nutritional good-i-ness.

Some other ideas I had for trying in the future include using a dollup of some full fat coconut milk, sprinkling in some cacao chips, or sweetening with a few medjool dates.

I hope this recipe finds you well and full of ideas for your future kitchen playtimes.





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