Moodstruck Mascara

Can your mood be struck by mascara?

Okay so I took a wee bit of a break from writing.  The creative juices were just not-a-flowing.  And if I have learned anything on my path to living well – it is that breaks are necessary, healing, needed, warranted, and just part of a full life.  As parents it sometimes feels like “you don’t get to” but I think we all can and we all benefit from keeping our moods in check and our bodies signals followed.  I am back and refreshed and ready to write about a few different things this week.

First off – MASCARA!!  Mascara is something that I absolutely love and is probably one of those things I would bring with me to a deserted island.  I would forgo certain food groups before I gave up mascara.  I used to think this was “vain” but now I accept that we all have our passions and it is one of mine.  I also love eyes.  I think you can tell a lot about a person from looking at them in the eyes.  It is of course “the window to the soul” and I cherish loving deep and living deep.  So I feel like mascara is like the shutters to a window.  A good mascara not only serves as a mindful moment in the morning, it lifts the opening to that which frames the eyes.  Your connection to other human beings, even more so now with masks.  How many people do you see wearing masks that are looking down or hurriedly getting their items to purchase as if they have no want to connect to another human being or acknowledge the person behind the counter?  To me, this could lead to one lonely lonely world.  But I have even with the masks on exchanged “eye smiles” with people behind counters letting them know how much I value their existence and their continued work in this world.

So when my friend Cathy told me she was selling Younique products and this included mascara – I was immediately intrigued to try one.  First she told me a little about the company and I did some research as well.  In my older or shall I say wiser years, I like to know who I am buying from and what their story is – it gives me a personal connection in a world where like I said we run the risk of becoming lonelier.

First things first – I loved that their mission included “to uplift, empower, validate and ultimately build self esteem in women around the world.”  That totally speaks to me.  While looks are definitely not everything and so much more is in the internal work – sometimes having that moment to pamper yourself before you leave the house and apply some mascara is mindful, mood boosting, and gives many women an extra pep in their step to face the day.  And I am all for that.  The company is founded by a brother/sister duo-cheers to healthy sibling relationships!  Melanie was a 16 year stay at home mom of 4 and understands the struggles and challenges inherent in this role and is so proud of the limitless power and work ethic that women possess and wants to highlight by providing products catered to them towards making women feel good about who they are, what they do, and what they bring to the table.  Her brother Derek was a software developer and together the two visionaries paired to create this mission FIRST company.  The mission is to help survivors of sexual abuse heal and realize their inner strength.  Trauma makes it difficult for these women to move on – so many are burdened by teen pregnancy, thoughts of suicide, high school drop outs, mental health illnesses, and/or alcohol and substance addiction.  10% of the profits of the sales goes towards helping these women rebuild.  It is apparent to me in the numbers of depression/addiction/mental health issues in the US – that a lot of trauma resides among us so companies that are using their profits to help people deal and heal are giving people hope and helping all of us to rise.

So when I first opened my mascara – I even like inspecting the packaging and the wand inside.  I had no idea that the one brand “better than sex” – the wand is thinner in the middle and the lady at Sephora once told me it was hourglass shaped like Marilyn Monroe – who woulda thunk & man I wish I came up with that?!  Anyways so I was pleased with the pretty purple box, the name “Moodstruck Epic4D” just sounds dramatic saying it which is how I like my lashes and then the mascara itself is sleek and sophisticated looking.  Now opening it is the second step and taking the wand out you really see if a slow and steady hand allows for the extra goop to go off as you unveil the wand to apply.  I was pleased with this part as well.  Application – I used about 2-3 swipes on upper and lower lid and was super happy with the results!!  And…I applied this morning and it’s about 1 pm and I have been running around in heat and taken the dogs on a walk and it is STILL intact.  

So thank you Cathy – this YOUnique product has brightened my day and my lashes!! If you want to try it out – go to & join Cathy’s facebook group and you can get discounts, play games, obtain tips, AND she even makes awesome videos on application, etc…



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