Let’s talk about milk….baby….

Okay – so I have found it interesting recently that a lot of people are quoting science about the masks and the spread of COVID 19…. yet we still have an existing climate change and health problem that has been occurring for years and is a threat to our planet and all of us.

Do we see it on the news as much? Maybe the two are connected?  Maybe they are both wake up calls to say hey – we aren’t living so well – this is not normal – get it together.  Reduce consumption, reduce addiction, reduce stress, increase health.

So I find the dairy industry history very interesting and have recently been loving this plant based milk company’s milks and wanted to share.  The company is called Elmhurst and is based in New York and was founded by Henry Schwartz who previously was part of his family’s dairy business delivering milk all over NYC.  It was established in 1927 making the kind of milk from cows and in 2017 became a company who’s mission was now:

“By simply changing our diet, we can make a substantial and lasting impact upon our Earth. Swapping half of your meat and dairy consumption for plant-based alternatives can help manage climate change, conserve land and water resources, and protect animals and ecosystems. We are calling on each of you to take the 50% challenge and help spread the word!”

I think it is incredibly brave and courageous of him to realize that the American diet/lifestyle is making a lot of people far from well and wanting to shift the mission even though it was a family tradition.  The name carried on, the quality and care behind the finished product carried on, but the shift was made to better take care of people’s health and the changing landscape and animal/people balance.  He saw an issue.  He sensed an issue.  And he shifted.  He didn’t try to hold on for dear life – he changed with the times.

He partnered with Dr Cheryl Mitchell to create a line of plant milks with fewer ingredients and more nutrition.  There is even a barista line! Which I totally dig for making my morning froth pictures.  I also love it in smoothies and can be added to cookie recipes as well.  The Barista line does have a small amount of sugar added.  I have also tried the cashew, almond, hemp, and oat and I have to say I love the taste.  It is the only plant based milk I have found with this few of ingredients and just tastes clean.  When drinking, I feel like I am giving myself the fuel my body needs & helping support a greater change that needs to be taken by more of us.  If you can’t find it in your local grocery store – you can also order online.  I live in PA and mine arrived shortly!!

So if you are thinking of taking a look at your diet and your health – let me leave you with this quote also found on the Elmhurst website and can be found at the bottom of this blog post….

We can spend decades arguing over eating meat or not and eating cheese or not – but I think we can take one look at America and say that our lifestyle is causing a lot of our issues.  Change starts at the individual level.  Be part of the change.  It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy ice cream, yogurt, etc.  It means you honor the connection of taking care of yourself, each other, and the surrounding lands.

“The most ethical diet just so happens to be the most environmentally sound diet and just so happens to be the healthiest”





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