The Benefits to Juice-“ing”

If you are looking to increase your intake of nutrients while also giving your digestive system a break – drinking juice without additives is a great option.

For ex. – let’s say you overdid fried yummy foods this fourth of July and are feeling a bit sluggish or are one of the people contributing to the spike in pizza sales during Covid – eventually this will catch up to you.  So a good balance out maybe after a night of bread and cheese is a good ole juice.  And trust me, once you start tantalizing your taste buds with nature’s nutrients – you may feel a shift towards better food options overall and better lifestyle choices.

My first experience with juices (other than Capri Sun as a kid) started back when I was diagnosed with cancer.  I read Kris Carr’s book Crazy Sexy Cancer and was amazed at all of the nutritional information available to helping one support their body’s natural line of defenses.  I had never before looked at food as a means to my health.  I had simply looked at calories and stayed away from fat.  Fat is bad.

Now in the era of Covid- We have the masks and we have sanitizing spray – but what are you doing from the inside so that your body can fight off germs and illnesses?  I also followed a blog called How Chris beat Cancer – he has a book now – by Chris Ward and he used juicing instead of chemotherapy that was recommended.  He is alive and well.

I am going to review some benefits to juicing as well as some of my favorite juices plus their particular healing properties.  You are your best coach, your best doctor, your best advocate, and your best investment to both yourself and those around you.  Be well!

The first benefit is that you get MANY nutrients per ounce.  It is packed full of goodness.  Consider it like a supplement but without the powdery stuff in the middle and a shell capsule.  This is coming straight from the garden, maybe even your own garden.  Another benefit is enhanced absorption.  It is not being processed the same as a whole food that needs to be broken down in your digestive tract.  Let’s say your digestive tract is covered in slime or sludge and therefore your body isn’t actually absorbing much of anything.  Until you clear that out – juicing can help!  The nutrients go directly to your blood stream to feed your cells and aid in your body’s processes, including digestion and may help remove any sludge.  Juicing also removes toxins – it is like sending in the immune boosting good stuff to clear out any debris.  And lastly for those that hate veggies – it is a good way to mix the veggies with some delicious fruits and create a juice that is tasty to your buds.

Some of my favorites are:

  1. Celery juice- I think it is amazing to do a morning only celery juice for breakfast for a few days if you are feeling a bit off.  It totally resets the clock in my opinion.  It helps reduce blood pressure, decrease inflammation and fight against oxidative stress.  As we age  – we tend to take in less oxygen.  There are a lot of reasons for this – more wear and tear on the body so therefore peeps live with some pain and unfortunately when you are in pain or uncomfortable or carrying emotional tension – you don’t breathe as well unless you spend time each day focusing on breath work or yoga!  Now some people find the taste of celery juice to be mc-nasty and if this statement speaks to you – try adding one piece of an apple to provide a little sweetness.
  2. Carrot/Ginger juice – this is great for healthy skin and boosts collagen production.  It also serves as a good source of vitamin E which helps protect the skin from too much sun exposure.  The ginger is an added bonus as it is anti-inflammatory and also helps fight colds etc.  Ginger also helps with nausea and good for digestion.  Refer to part on sludge above.
  3. Cucumber/Apple/Carrot/Ginger/Lemon – This combo is hydrating, anti inflammatory, and cleansing.  And tasty!  With most juices – I suggest to keep the fruit content to one fruit and more of some veggies.  You get a bit of sweetness while getting the most nutrient bang for your buck and for your body, mind and soul.

Also – this is a great time to get adventurous in the store and the kitchen by using all colors and types of fruit and produce.  You can even add some jalapeno for a bit of heat.

Juice on!


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