Family Fun at the Drive-in?

So even when times are rocky – it is still ever important to carve out time for F.U.N.  So whilst sitting in a movie theatre right up next to a bunch of people indoors is not an option – viewing movies from your car is!!

I finally got to check out Becky’s Drive-in in Walnutport, PA and it combined a lot of elements that make for a nice night out.  First, fresh summer air.  You can sit in your car with the windows down and seats reclined or you can lay a blanket out in front of your car picnic style.  Either way you get to breathe in fresh air whilst you are entertained and get to chat with whomever you came with.  Second, “theatre like food” or the ability to bring from home.  So since childhood theatre outings, the food has not changed in my opinion.  Popcorn goes with movies and takes me back to that kid like feeling.  And I didn’t even have to consume it.  The smell alone catapulted me back.  I made myself dinner that I brought from home as I am on this Action Jacquelyn fit action plan and didn’t want to cheat.  But the smells and the sights filled me with happy memories.  They connected me to my inner kid who sometimes gets stuck deep down trying to spend too much time adulting.  Next, the big screen and old movies.  Whenever I decided to explore giving up something I love – the benefit is that eventual happy reunion and greater appreciation for what it brings.  That night Mean Girls & Clueless were showing – two movies that were popular almost 15+ years ago and I haven’t seen since.  And watching something on a big screen is different than watching at home.  Watching with people on that one large screen is like all taking a moment to stare at the sun as something we share and have in common.  It’s bonding at its best.  Another plus – seeing the family and the family friendly touches like kids rides and people dressed up as life-size soft serve.

Now, this particular weekend was even more special because it was their 74th anniversary and I love recognition of love.  74 is a big number.  Before the movie started – there was a short video showing the evolution of Becky’s, the family history, and the thought of what this place has been doing for years to help provide FUN to the community.  And after that – there were fireworks!  As the fireworks started – I said to Stan is it over already? And then little did I know – more and more and more boomers came to light up the sky, spark our ears, and direct everyone’s attention upward.  They were beautiful.

So if you are feeling some quarantine blues and have been working overtime whether at your job or parenting or a bit of both – make sure you are carving out some time to plan some nights o’ fun within the realms of what can be done right now.  The cars were all 6 feet apart and masks were required for the potty and the potty was being cleaned regularly.

Thank you Becky’s for making the weekend one to remember!



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