Fall-y Apple Crisp

So, it’s fall ya’ll….and this means the weather starts to get a little more cool and crisp, the days a little shorter light wise, and the start of the holiday trifecta is upon us (for those that celebrate these holidays).

First comes back to school season which I guess isn’t technically a holiday but for us moms – it is typically the celebration of a feat of surviving another summer of keeping the kids occupied, happy, and minimally injured while keeping ourselves sane.  Unfortunately this year, not everyone is sending them back off to school but atlas – I am enjoying the back to school displays in stores and the excitement that surrounds new school supplies and a new year of new growth and new learning.  Then comes Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas season of lights and jolly.

Now as it turns fall – I also start to think of apple picking.  I have enjoyed this every year since Kira was born.  There is nothing like picking your own apples, sampling some and coming home to make a crisp or hot apple pie.  I thought I would share some ideas on a health-ier version of an apple crisp that you can use those hand picked apples for!

First, I peeled and sliced up about 5 apples into bite size bits.  The bite size is key so you can smother all of your toppings and coat each one to be popped into the mouth for a decadent treat sure to keep the doc away as the saying does go.  Then you place them in a glass oven pan and smother them with melted vanilla ghee.  Now yours may come already melted – depending on the temp of your house but pour a good amount over top and rub the apples all around.  This was the first year I used vanilla because I didn’t know it existed until I did Action Jacquelyn’s Fit Action Plan recently and this vanilla ghee is yum.  Plus ghee is easier on the body to digest and provides healthy fats to lubricate us especially during the drier months of winter.  Then I sprinkled cinnamon all over the top and some arrow root powder to thicken (not too much).  Then again using clean hands – rub your apples all up in this concoction.

Now – here is where it gets creative.  Ideas abound.  This time I added granola that I bought from Jody – an amazing baker in my area who makes homemade granolas in a variety of flavors.

Some other ideas that came to mind are dark chocolate morsels, regular oatmeal, coconut sprinkles, maybe some chopped up seasonal figs, peanut butter, or maybe some choc sprinkles…..play around!  Because you are omitting the typical heavy crust on the pie – it is already a healthier version so adding a bit of something to sweeten it – I think is A-oh-kay.

Then you bake for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees F and remove from the oven to cool. Can be dopped with a dollup of coconut cream or home made whipping cream or enjoyed as is.

Write me if you try or have anymore creative cool topping ideas.   I hope this finds you staying WELL!!



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