The Social Dilemna

My hubs and I recently watched the movie Social Dilemna which we had both heard of and seen talked about on none other than social media.

I have to say I was disturbed, concerned, intrigued, and felt like some of it confirmed a lot of what I had been feeling or thinking since returning back to the United States about a year and a half ago.

Something is different or off and I can’t help but think this loss of natural rhythm and humanity is at the hands of computers.  I don’t believe anyone involved had ill intentions when creating and I don’t discount the many positives that have come from it, I am writing a blog here….  I do think it is being used and abused though, just like an alcohol or drug addiction.  We have lost touched and this leads to feeling “unwell”.  It also leads to a future problem –  if parents are unwell and out of touch and connected to the matrix – how can they possibly parent the next generation?  I have been into yoga and mindfulness for the past 10 years and having my daughter has been the best teacher to remaining in the present moment and to approaching life with complete and utter attention to the thing you are doing or the person you are with.  She doesn’t allow herself to be distracted or attached but there is a draw to the computer/ipad/tv that if I left it in her hands for hours on ends, she would become reliant.  And if she becomes reliant on a clicking process that is quite fast – does this deduct from her critical thinking skills and her creativity?! By golly gee – I believe yes!  I noticed at a young age that often she would be most creative or play on her own after coming indoors.  It was like the fresh air and nature sparked something in her that was grounded, alive, and beautiful.  She also spoke her best German when she was engaged in outdoor play.  I have taught some of my best yoga classes outside.  I have had moments of epiphany on walks or hikes.  When we only exist inside the matrix – we become connected to something other than nature and the entire state of being becomes that much more unnatural.

Burnout, substance abuse, and mental health are all problems that we face today.  Why do we use?  Why do we search so bad to feel “good”?  Why do we lack energy?  Is it because it is being zapped by something we aren’t supposed to rely on so much.  Now some can say diet and exercise which I also believe holds true.  You eat too much processed food and don’t get enough exercise, water and nature you may start to feel just that – processed. 

So how do we turn back yet go forward?  The first step to overcoming any addiction is to ADMIT IT.   How do we turn away?  How do we reconnect and stay connected to something more spiritual than artificial intelligence.  And do we as a society value the monetary gains from AI OVER our HEALTH and WELLNESS??!!  Where are we heading and can we work to pivot a bit, back to FB and social media being like that of cake or chocolate, it’s for special occassions.  Is this dilemna a product of being a citizen of an affluent country?  Power and financial stability are definitely things to strive for but at WHAT COST?  I don’t know but if I look around…if I truly look at what people are posting, how regularly, and the amount of anger and negative emotion behind a lot of it – this doesn’t feel right or healthy or connected.  It feels like a place to get bought or sold, search for belonging, get a pat on the back but pretty void of actual human connection.   The feed is too saturated to even keep up or sustain a healthy relationship on.  It’s meant to be an extra, an entertainment.

So before we all spread ourselves too thin becoming part of a wide entangled web of chaotic messaging, please take time to disconnect.  Nourish your most important relationships first – yourself, your loved ones, your work, your food, and some good ole’ fashion fun.  I don’t know whether government will eventually regulate these companies but we each can do our part.  Everyone is on their own path to remaining WELL and creating a sustaining breath of life.




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