Ways to Fall in Love with Fall ……..yet again

Not sure about you but I feel like with this season change, I am reminded of the reunion of certain things that I associate with the fall. 

It’s a time of transition and a precursor to the winter which is a time of restoration and digestion of the year’s events.  And this year has been quite a doozy.  I do believe deep down that this corona experience has united a lot of us in a human way that wouldn’t have been possible without something this hard.  I know sometimes the glass looks like it’s being shattered and people are being torn apart – BUT I have faith that it is in a much bigger effort to lead us back together.

I have watched as people tear apart what has been done, what should have been done, what could have been done and am left with the reminder that I don’t have total control of life.  I never did and I never will.  The only thing I have control over is my body, my mind, my thoughts, my relationships, my communication, my faith, my family, my nourishment, my work.  So I chose to continue to work on me, knowing that that ME affects the WE.

So I know that what I ingest right now (food, media, exercise, entertainment) etc has to be those things that keep me fueled well.  One of the things a season change can bring is newness.  A happy reunion with pumpkin spices, Halloween decor, colorful leaves, slightly cooler temps, warm fires – things I didn’t get to see this summer but here they are again.  To light me.  To fuel me.  To keep me full and well.  To steady me during turbulent times.  To help me renew & recharge.

Here are a few ideas on ways to fall in love with fall again if you haven’t already planned some fun ways to flow with the transition. Don’t fight the change….invite the new.

  1. Bring some fall decor into your home – whether its a pillow or a fall scented candle – this does NOT have to be expensive.  It can even be hand made.
  2. Take 5 minutes to check out the falling leaves on the trees or maybe collect some leaves from nature.  Don’t let fall flow by without taking it in – watching leaves fall is super meditative! 3 minutes a day does wonders.
  3. Go apple picking – another invitation to connect to nature and create something in the kitchen afterwards.  I definitely remember the smell of fresh made apple pie in the oven from when I was young and if you are worried about your waistline – I posted some healthier apple crisp options
  4. Pumpkin Picking – find a new place to go this year and get your annual Halloween Pumpkin and have a carving event.  This is another chance to ignite the flow in you by maybe finding a new pattern to carve or a new place to put your pumpkin or a new way to decorate it.  Maybe even create a neighborhood contest – we are all in this together. 
  5. Purchase some fall boots – our footsies have been out all summer or at least mine have and nothing excites me more than when jeans and boots come back on the street.  My old boots were quite old so I ordered some new ones to keep my feet comfy, protected, warm, and cozy.
  6. Keep your body movin’ – The season change can mean colder weather so making sure you have muscle to keep you warm and that you are moving and circulating your blood flow is uber important.  If you are a yogi – now is a good time for grounding postures, balancing poses, and some digestive twists.
  7. Get your furry friend a Halloween costume – this was the best 12.99 I spent recently and can’t wait to show you what Matilda is going to be!   
  8. Fall Football – the football season does offer community and cheering which utilizes the vocal chords and can unite the peeps.  This year is different, less peeps in the crowds and lots of talk of testing but there are still games to be had and magic to watch on that field.
  9. Give BACK – listed last but totally not least – sometimes the year flies by and you reach the end and unless you have ongoing donations set up – sometimes I look back and maybe got “so busy” that I forgot to give.  Again, this doesn’t have to be in the form of money.  Reflect on those around that have supported you this year.  Send them a note.  Write them a letter.  Better yet – call them.  Or go through your summer clothes and maybe chose to give away a few things or make a donation to an organization that you think is doing some good work right now.

I hope these ideas find you well!


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