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If only…….

So….today I have a call with my blogging trainer and I know that in order to get my blog moving a long – I need more content.  He is often reminding me of this.

Yet, I also know it is NOT something I can force.  “If only” I could hit a button and have this stuff churn out of me like a machine – I could get there quicker.  But, I can’t.  And I know that whenever I try to force something – my body revolts in ways of stiffness or reaching for food I know deep down I don’t really need.  I also know that I have gotten so much clarity that all of my passions and visions that came years ago after my healing are still achievable.  Writing.  But, I have to sometimes remind my uber eager self with big hopes and dreams to slow down and enjoy the journey.   Let go of the “if only” and the “what if” cycled thoughts and just do.  Put the pen to the paper and show up.  Just like on the mat.  It’s not always pretty but it’s worth it!

A few weeks ago, I started taking a lesson on Daily Om – Yoga for Empaths with Sadie Nardini and I am really enjoying it.  I am an empath.  Most definitely. I am super sensitive and super loving but sometimes at a detriment to taking care of the one person I need to be full in order to take care of others, ME.  So I was checking my mail before my call and boom inspiration struck just like when Fancy Nancy talks about in her artists book that I read to Kira.  In one story Fancy Nancy is super stuck and then she goes out with a friend to do something fun, and BAM – comes back full of inspiration.  The email was from Daily Om and it was an article by Madison Taylor.  The quote in the beginning was “When we live thinking of “if only”, satisfaction will always be out of reach.”

This got me thinking to the many emails and small conversations that have been exchanged during this quarantine.  “If only schools would open back up” or “If only the golf courses would open back up” or “If only I could get my hair did” or “If only someone could tell me WHEN this would be over?” or “If only I knew if my family was going to be ok?”  —–how many if only’s have you asked yourself?

And has this blocked you from living? I think there are two ways to look at this virus and quarantine.  The one where you say to yourself “if only it’ll end soon – life will go back to normal” and I will resume living.  I think this approach drags one away from being satisfied with the now which to some, this is very unsatisfying.  I am not trying to say that this circumstance doesn’t suck in many shapes and forms.  What I am trying to say is if we remove the “if only” – it comes down to focusing on what we do have and can do and getting creative in our living.  And this all leads me back to the many studies on gratitude and the impacts to wellness and health on having a mindset that is in the we have now, the half full side of the cup.  Even during this crappy time, there are many things to be grateful for.   Just like one conditions their body for a race, the mind needs to have some practice at noticing when the if only and what ifs start to become the focus and sending the mind back to dreaming and living without conditions or barriers or some crazy concept of perfection or world of no if onlys…

One of the most empowering things that I have learned and also at times scary – is that I alone have so much control over my own life’s satisfaction and how I rate satisfaction.  To me, it’s all about my inner resilience and approach to life and to each moment.  By removing the “if only” – I come back to something simply satisfying – that I’m alive, well, with opportunities right now to grow myself, to connect more closely to my existing community, to help those in need, to spend time outside, to spend time with my family, to take some free writing workshops, yoga classes, maybe redo my kitchen cupboards….or to be still.  So many possibilities if I remove the “if only”.  I really don’t need anything external for me to be okay.

And that is another reason I love yoga & what I have learned from my continuous exploration of myself on the mat through slower movement.  “The Yoga Pose is not the goal.  Becoming flexible is not the goal.  Standing on your head is not the goal.  The goal is serenity.  Balance.  Truly finding peace in your own skin.” – Rachel Brathen, Yoga Girl. I know this situation sucks – but it’s here and it is teaching all of us a whole heck of a lot and if we remove the if only or the I’m mad at or why can’t I’s – I typically feel an energetic shift that helps bring me back to so much that I can do and get done now for myself and my family, things that I might have continued to glance over because I was living in fast forward.


Smoothie or Sorbet?

Okay – so it has been VERY hot here.

And I love love the heat.  There is something about sweating and the summer that I happen to be a fan of and esp if followed by a dip in a lake or a shower but this heat is like humid HOT.  So to keep myself cool without cranking up the AC – I have been experimenting with making smoothies with a limited amount of liquid and therefore it becomes more like a sorbet.  The best part is you can eat it with a spoon like ice cream but if you want to sip from a straw- simply add more liquid.  Oh, and the other best part is they are packed full of fruits that host a variety of health benefits.

So first let’s talk about the rainbow of fruits.  The red ones have a ton of antioxidants that reduce the risk of high blood pressure, hypertension, some cancers, heart disease, and they improve brain function!  The yellow ones are great sources of antioxidants as well as nutrients that help the skin due to the high levels of vitamin A in them.  Orange ones also help the skin and immune system.  The purple and blue ones contain natural plant pigments which help brain health and lower inflammation in the body.  Green fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, folate, and fiber.  So basically – you can’t go wrong with what you pick and you can mix it up and keep it fresh with what’s in season  allowing yourself and your body to experience the beauty of the rainbow.

So this morning I chose:

1 cup frozen raspberries

1/2 frozen banana

Put in blender and fill up about 3/4 of the way but not all the way to make the sorbet consistency.

Blend and scoop into a cup and enjoy!

Remember to use frozen fruit if creating a sorbet consistency and also that you can also experiment with your milks here.  I chose Elmhurst Almond Milk because I love this brand of nut milks.  Their cashew milk is also declicious!

Another favorite of mind is using 1 frozen banana, 1/2 ripe avocado, almond milk, and cacao or cocoa powder.  It is yummy!!

I hope these find you well:)

PS – Here is the next morning with blackberries & banana – YUM




Strawberry Milkshake Cashew Fudge

Okay, so read the title again. 

Who doesn’t remember liking a strawberry milkshake because one it combined ice cream and two it came out pink in color? Okay – so maybe not everyone but I sure did.  Now yesterday I heard on the radio – they were talking about eating well and how instead of going on strict diets that are not sustainable (funny how this word becomes used more and more across all industries – sustainable growth & sustainable lifestyle)-get it yet?! – we are running ourselves and our planet into the ground.   It is best to keep adding good stuff where you can in replacement of the maybe not so great and I won’t even say bad because sometimes a strawberry milkshake is fabulous and necessary.  But those are intended to be treats & special occassions for most of us.  Not the norm.  Children in Africa are starving.   And if you want to stay fit or  if you are experiencing low energy, weight gain, and want to tone up for your overall health and upcoming summer months – here is a recipe I found a couple years ago and have made time to time since because it is so EASY and so TASTY and can fulfill the urge for that milkshake at times and boost you full of magnesium (from the cashews) which helps your body in the metabolism of food and the synthesis of fatty acids and proteins.  A magnesium deficiency is linked to insulin resistance.

I particularly seem to crave this recipe when it hits strawberry season and I took a ride yesterday to Whole Foods and the strawberries looked amazing so I brought them home and this recipe came to mind.  It comes from a website called Wall Flower Kitchen, and as always I have offered some suggestions on replacements and/or fun adds because again – I like playing and experimenting in the kitchen.

Things you will need:

6-8 large strawberries

6-8 tbsp maple syrup or sweetener of choice (today I didn’t have any sweetener on hand so made without and it is still tasty because of the sweetness from the strawberries so depending on your taste buds try different sweeteners or without)

8 tbsp of coconut oil (I didn’t have this either so I added a bit of macadamia oil – I have to say I do suggest the coconut oil because it did make for a creamier version but it is possible had I added a bit more of the macadamia oil it may have sufficed)

1 cup soaked cashews

2 tbsp raw coconut flour – today I used arrow root to thicken a bit and added a little lemon juice because most vegan nut based cheesecakes include lemon to help it get that cheesecake consistency and I love that

optional tsp vanilla extract

You blend all of this together and then either pour into molds or ice cube trays.  I poured mine into one circle pie pan and let it freeze for  a bit before I cut into cubes but I have also used a mini ice cub tray and the website uses these cute little heart molds for a Valentine’s Day idea.  I also added a little flaxseed today which does change the texture a bit and ups the nutritional good-i-ness.

Some other ideas I had for trying in the future include using a dollup of some full fat coconut milk, sprinkling in some cacao chips, or sweetening with a few medjool dates.

I hope this recipe finds you well and full of ideas for your future kitchen playtimes.





It’s Tea Time!

Okay, so I am a huge lover of coffee. Yes, the post said tea….


Like, I am not even sure if HUGE truly encompasses what a piping hot cup of joe does to my lips as I take the first sip.  However, I also know that if I consume too much – it does have some not so great side effects and is taxing to the adrenals and nervous system.  I have noticed this first hand.  I gave up coffee when I got sick back in 2010.  Coffee and Chemo made me want to vomit doubly.  The combination was scary.  Then after a while I added back in Coffee Wednesdays and would stop and get one on my way to work.  I have dabbled in teas – green tea, bladder tea, make you happy tea, ginger tea, all kinds of tea. I can’t say it packs the same punch for me.  I often feel like my water has something floating in it but it’s like weaker than coffee – almost like when I hit the Nespresso button to make my coffee but forgot the capsule and it comes out as dirty water.  Yet I have noticed that when I drink coffee regularly – my thighs are bigger.  I think it is hormonal and some days I don’t care and would rather just have my one coffee a day and other days – I feel the need for a clean out and to test this theory.  I also don’t like the idea of HAVING TO HAVE anything regularly.  So again, some days I am okay with my one cup a day habit telling myself I don’t have many others and then other days I want to take a break.  So….during this one week cleanse that I am on – coffee and I are on a break.

So to prepare myself for this break – I happened to see a company called Rasa on Instragram offering a variety of coffee alternatives in the form of tea blends with different herbs.  So I purchased one big bag of the BOLD and then a sampler of the others.  Rasa was founded by a lady named Lopa van der Mersch.  She is also a mom and was looking for a coffee alternative because her coffee habit was leading to sleepless nights and anxiety.

It arrived last week and whilst I have not sampled all of them – I have tried the BOLD and the original adaptogenic coffee alternative and am pleased with both! I will most likely not give up coffee, but I will alternate.  The BOLD has a blend of 17 herbs.  Some of these powerful herbs include rhodiola that vikings had, schisandra which was drank by Siberian hunters, and shilajit which was consumed by Yogic sages.  Bold is a comprehensive formula designed for athletes, parents, entrepreneurs, creatives, and all of us navigating this busy busy modern world.   Now if you are wondering what an adaptogen is – that is also expained well on Rasa’s site.  Basically our bodies respond differently to different amounts of stress based on our programming and how healthy our bodies are in terms of maintaining homeostasis.  When you are consistently in a “stressed” phase for too long – your energy reserves get depleted and you head for burnout.  This is where the adaptogens will help you to adapt.  They are amazing super herbs that live in harsh conditions around the world and therefore know how to survive under stress.  They help you to stay balanced and not go into that red zone of wigging out, yelling, or reaching for something that actually will not sustain you nor give you the consistent energy you are looking for.

The BOLD was really tasty but the Original is probably my favorite thus far in terms of being comparable in taste to coffee and I am excited to try the cacao one as a treaty treat to myself.  My favorite part of reading about this one on Rasa’s site was the quote from someone who had tried it and said:  “Opening the bag is like getting smacked in the face with a bar of chocolate.”  So I personally cannot wait to get chocolate slapped soon.   Will let you know!


Visit the site to read more:


Stay well!









Dr. Mr Trump – WE ARE NOT WELL

I have been pretty silent this week and emotionally heavy but I kept getting the urge to somehow find something and this is what came.   I hope the hearts of Americans stay open towards working and learning together for reform in so many areas to make this country well again.


Dear Mr. Trump,

We are not well.  We are not treating each other well.  We are not living well.  We are not taking care of ourselves well.  The posts that I see and the comments on Facebook are shameful and disheartening.  Since when do we take to social media to blame and shame people for posting black squares instead of doing “something”, to beg/plea for the lives of Black people to be protected by those that are armed and out there to protect ALL OF OUR children and our communities, and to mock our president???  Where has human decency gone?  Does this not keep you up at night? Does this not feel wrong deep down inside?  Does it not make you ponder how or why or what this stems from and how to turn it around? And I beg of you, the way to turn it around is not with angry tweets and using words like thugs?! This may have worked for TV – but you are our President.

I am afraid to even show my 6 year old any of your speeches for I honestly don’t know what I would say, yet I strongly know this is not behavior I want her to model.   I read a Brene Brown book and I remember this jist of this quote at the beginning of one of the chapters.  When America was first founded – we needed brawn – to build our streets, houses, and infrastructure.  Then we needed brains to create technology, automation, efficiency, and to connect globally.  Now and for the future of America and the world- we need someone to lead with the heart. We need healing.  We need a spiritual revolution.  We need hope.  We need both mental and physical health restored in our people.   I feel that this is not your super power.   I am asking for you to consider to step down as our President.  I think this would be the exact message that the American people need.  This would be the exact message that I would respect.  Stand down to bullying.  We all have strengths, we all have ways in which we can contribute but you sir – with your words are pushing the knife even deeper and twisting it.  I get you are angry – by all means have your stance and your opinion.  But a President is there to pull us together, give us hope, and remind us to rise above our prejudice, our circumstance, and to work together to better our nation.     We all know that when that knife is removed – that LIFE and BLOOD flow.  If that knee had been removed, George Floyd’s breath would have flowed.  We need someone who not only has brains but also compassion, humility, and an ability to express emotion.  To inspire ALL of us.  To force us to dig deep beyond the party lines and get to the human lines.  I think it would be best to admit to your deficits in what we need right now and let someone else guide us into our future.  I think it would say a lot to the African American population and to those that think it’s okay to hang on to power/control with brute force.

With respect for your efforts & hope for a better tomorrow,

Becky Clifford


FNX Women’s Repair Multivitamin

So…..recently I was looking for a way to ensure that I was getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that I need to support me in all of my endeavors in life as a busy person.

In a previous post I talked about trash and our relationship to the earth being important because also if our soil is depleted and our food is microwaved – we aren’t getting all of the good stuff that we used to.  And….even though I am not OLD, I am OLD-er so it makes sense that if I can give my body some extra love at this stage – I am open to it.  So I have searched and added a multivitamin to my routine of self-care, along with this amazing rose water spritzer I got from NuHouse.

This company had reached out recently and I checked out their website.   Whilst I was in Switzerland I had switched up my exercise to include high intensity training and overtime I noticed a bit more wear and tear and stiffness in my body.  I also think as a female who previously had eating disorders, body issues, etc – my relationship with food and I has always been complicated.  I think I have done the work to repair a lot of this – but if I am going to be exercising and working my body, it is imperative to make sure I am also getting the right combination of rest, time, relaxation, and nutrients to repair and build a stronger me.  My diet nowadays is pretty much 80/20 – 80% wholesome as I can get and 20% you gotta live a little -and even with this sometimes ya need a boost.  So, the first thing I loved about this company was their cause.  Every time a purchase is made, a child receives one gallon of clean water and to date, FNX has donated over 103,000 gallons of clean drinking water to those who need it.  This speaks to my heart center.

So whilst on the site – I noticed the REPAIR Women’s Multivitamin and took a peak at all that it contains.  This vitamin includes those deficiencies that are seen in women including Vitamin D, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, and B12.  It also has Biotin that supports healthy hair and nails.  On top of that – the part I loved the most – is the Herb Complex added.  I noticed it has Maca which is amazing for hormones, Cran – good for urinary health, Ashwagandha root which is amazing for strengthening the body against stress, and horsetail which helps to eliminate bloating and support the kidneys.  You take 2 per day with a glass of water and I have personally decided to take the weekends off because I don’t like the idea of taking anything EVERYDAY and iron can be constipating but I have not noticed any difference in that.  I am noticing more energy and more overall balance and resilience.

So if you are looking for some nutritional support – check them out and feel free to use my code to get a 15% discount.








Fudgy Sweet Potato Avo Brownies

Brownie Bliss – Okay so yesterday after returning from a one night trip to the beach – I wanted to use the ripe avocados and sweet potatoes I had in my kitchen to create something yummy…..

Now, I had previously made sweet potato  – avo brownies before thanks to a recipe given to me via whatsapp from a friend of mine but I couldn’t locate that particular one so after a google search I found one on and I modified it because I didn’t have some of the ingredients and well …..because I like to use “kitchen time” sometimes to completely let go, create, and listen to my inner guide.  I feel like sometimes letting go in the kitchen and believing in my own instincts sometimes leads to failure – and sometimes success! Just like in life and with each undertaking – I learn more about the actual art of baking and myself.

Now these brownies are not only fudgy tasting but packed full of good fats and fiber and cocoa has high amounts of magnesium, which I think I mentioned a lot of westerners are deficient in.  So these give you both the taste of childhood coupled with amazing nutrients to fuel you and avocados to keep your skin nice and subtle.

Now for frosting, you can get creative.  The recipe called for a chocolate one but I used some leftover frosting I had in the fridge from a cake I made for our neighbors daughters birthday recently.  I bought it at Target.  It’s a brand called Simple Mills Organic Vanilla Frosting and it is made with coconut oil.  So I mixed that with a little all natural peanut butter and Elmhurst walnut milk and voila- a chocolate peanut butter yummy snack.  Now you could also sprinkle with some cacao nibs or maybe some peanuts or shredded coconut.  I feel like this is your chance to pretend you are at one of those fro-yo places with tons of toppings and see what your heart fancies.

So below is the recipe as I made them:

Brownie Batter:

2 sweet potatoes – medium in size

2 avocados

3/4 cup cocoa powder

1/4 cup coconut sugar

1/4 cup honey

2-3 eggs

1/4 cup macadamia nut oil

lil bit of baking soda, salt, and cinnamon

I blended all of this in my trusty vitamix until it made a brownie batter consistency where you couldn’t even tell anything yellow or green in color went into them.  Then I spatula’d it into a loaf pan and baked at 350 degrees Farenheit for 30-35 minutes.  I mixed the frosting while they were in the oven and then let them cool before I frosted.

So if you are craving something moist, chocolatey, and delicious – I hope this recipe finds you well!

A day of Adventur’ing

Okay so right before we went into corona quarantine,

I was talking about the transition into Spring during my yoga classes and how to  prep the body so one class I shared 15 things that Spring brings and one that I found interesting was actually a decrease in crime.  Apparently the sun has a positive effect on not only vitamin D levels, the corona virus, but also on people committing theft.  So I think we can all agree that nature is an amazing healer.  Also, this online learning thing – I truly hope it does not continue, especially for the younger ones.  It is completely foreign to Kira and she is done by around 10:30 am.  Now I have enjoyed some positives from it – I have more time in the morning to exercise or enjoy breakfast without having that school bus deadline, we can be more creative with breakfast, and I have actually seen her keyboard skills improve.  I also have gotten to actually see what Kira is learning and gotten to do some art with her.  But, she cannot stare at the screen for that long and today her and I were both itching to go out.  So we decided that even though it wasn’t the weekend and it was technically a “school day” – that it was time to go on an adventure.  She actually called in “adventuring” to make it into a verb.

This past Sunday I had googled the best parks near Easton, PA and I liked the name Ringing Rocks and it wasn’t too far – about a half hour – so we decided on going there.  And, we loved it.  So Kira and I went back today as we didn’t get to explore it quite as much as we had wanted because last time we brought the two little pups. So this time we walked them before and then left them at the house to chill.  Oh, and this time we brought a hammer.  We had no idea that beating a rock with a hammer was a thing.  But at Boulder Field in Ringing Rocks, PA – it is!  Some of the rocks make a thud and some make a ding – it all depends on their composition.   It kinda reminded me of the price is right and sticking a key into the ignition of a car hoping it turns it on and sometimes- you get a winner!

We started off going the same route we had gone – we visited boulder field and then went on to see the waterfall and then we got on the loop to see where it takes you.  We kept going and we kept hearing dinging which meant we were somewhere near boulder field again.  Boulder Field consists of exactly what its name is – a field of nothing but big boulders.  We ran into a lady who told us that these rocks were at one point under water with dinosaurs and then when the plates shifted – the water eventually went away – leaving these rocks.  This excited Ms. Kirabelles.  So we came to the opposite side of where we had entered boulder field and instead of walking back around we decided to cross it.  Now Kira was already hungry and telling me she was down to about 4% battery (she was making an analogy to my cell phone) so I was a bit apprehensive that this may not go so well but once she started climbing – she said she was getting energy back.  I was like – well keep on going then girlfriend.  Now sometimes yes it was a little “rocky” at points and sometimes I grabbed her hand or she encouraged me but we made it across and had a lot of fun in the process.  It also was way less crowded today. So before we left, we stared out at the sea of rocks we had crossed and both said we had had a good day adventuring.

On the drive home, we noticed a little farm stand store that was open and you could actually go inside so we did.  She had the prettiest flowers outside and inside we got some green beans, lettuce, Bobs Red Mill almond flour and flaxseed, and Kira picked out some sprinkles for her birthday cake that she has already started planning for in July.  The lady was super nice and we were able to chat normally, even with our masks on which was nice.  I realized how much I do miss random conversations with people at the grocery store or from class or that I run into during my “normal” daily life.  Kinda like my bus stop chat.

After the store, we thought we were headed home but then spotted a playground that didn’t look like it had yellow crime scene tape around it so we decided it was open!  Score Again! So Kira ran free and played while mommy sat and took a break enjoying a nice day outside.  There is something very refreshing about being outside in the midst of something so unknown.  I feel surrounded and protected by fresh air, trees, and the simple smiles of a 6 year old frolicking on a playground.  Something about that feels just right and well and hopeful for her future.  In something so serious, she hasn’t lost the child inside of her that doesn’t think so much, but lives completely in the moment.

Why I think expensive trash bags would help draw us back to the present?

This is OUR trash.  This is OUR earth.  This is OUR opportunity.  This is OUR future.


About 4 years ago, my family moved from Easton, PA to Zug, Switzerland and spent about 3 and a half years there and moved back this past July.

Both towns are similar in size population wise.  For the most part, I loved experiencing a different place and a different culture than what I knew.  Even though it was hard and often times I did feel like a plant that was uprooted and plopped down in the middle of nowhere to survive, in the end, I learned so much.  One day, I think I would do it again somewhere else.  I think Switzerland is a beautiful country with a lot of procedures that help keep the country both physically and financially sound.   I also love America.  I see it’s beauty too.   The first 3 months back were like a happy reunion to all the things I missed.  And just like with people, my heart will always have a place for certain memories, certain moments, certain places, and certain things.  This doesn’t die, but the experience was added to the tapestry of my life and my family’s.  And in exploring something different, this added to my wholeness and my definition and take on living WELL in these times.

But the one thing I have really been thinking about recently in all of this is our consumption, and how do we curb that while becoming more conscious to what we use and what we have and the difference between words like “need” and “want” or “essential” and “nonessential”?  And how this ties to mental health and mindfulness.  Sort of a waking up to our relationships with ourselves and our connection to each other even on the other side of the world.  I realized in my cancer crisis when I started to heal, this also had an effect on those around me.  We all have that ability to be a part of something greater.  Something of purpose.  Something that feels right within our souls.  We now know more than ever how tied we actually are, how our health matters, and how fresh air is something we all have some control over keeping.

When I first learned that a roll of 10 trash bags in Switzerland was 25 francs (about 25 USD) – I was floored.  I didn’t like it.  But, I grew to understand, and even love!  Instead of paying a monthly trash removal fee – you pay more for the bags which draws you to be in charge of how much trash you want to pay for which may filter your purchases and therefore, reduce consumption and encourage recycling.  I feel like it was something that can be implemented quite easily to filter people’s purchasing habits.  To make us think twice.  Do I really need this? Is the packaging extreme?  Will I use it or will it be one of those things I use once and toss?  Not to mention whilst at the recycling center – I was also forced to slow down and learn a bit about the materials that I use.   As one sits there putting one green glass bottle or whatever it may be, after another into the same bin – you are completely looking at what you are using and putting back.  To me, I used this time to think about my usage, thank the planet, and feel connected.  May sound corny as some probably looked at it as a monotonous task but I think the more we see what we use and explore why or what patterns we have – it points to our own healing.    The workers at the facility were always quick to inform me when I placed something in the wrong bin or when they had decided to stop taking something because of a larger broader issue.

My point is mental health and physical health in America are both taxed.  We also use a much larger percentage of the world’s resources in relation to people.  My question is are we causing our own dis-ease by the pace of our lives and then using “stuff” to medicate?  It doesn’t matter how much money the country has if we, the people,  aren’t living WELL.  One one hand, convenience and opportunity do have their place but has it gone to an extreme and is jeopardizing our health and our children?  And what better way to take a look at decreasing consumption than by raising the price of that which contains it?  The bag.  Maybe you would be GLAD if someone did??


Amber Bracelet or Necklace – worth an add?

A necklace or bracelet that can relieve negative emotion and also be anti-inflammatory?

I figured this was worth a looksy at in my exploration of ideas to help support natural wellness and healing.  When I first arrived back in the states, one thing that I did notice in my shopping was an increase in CBD oils and related product than what I remembered before leaving.  There was an entire counter at the hot tub store dedicated to CBD products.   I saw it at Wegmans as well.  A lot of the diseases that exist in America from depression to obesity stem from a systemic inflammatory response.  Something ain’t happy inside the body.

My neighbor and friend mentioned to me that she had purchased a matching amber bracelet set for her and her daughter as a gift.  She had read that it helps with anxiety and pain.  I liked the idea that 1) they were matching and to be shared between mother/daughter and 2) that it was something different but along the lines of using essential oils and stones to support overall well being.

So – let’s take a look at amber.  Amber contains succinic acid which is a natural analgesic and healing agent and for those of you that like science – the chemical formula of this acid is C4H6O4.  It is said to ease stress by clearing fears and phobias, helps to balance emotions, and release negative energy.  All sounds good to me – right?  The Amber will be warmed against the skin and then the acid will be absorbed through the skin, thus helping with pain.  It has been used for ailments that range from teething to arthritis.  It appears to be good for approximately 2 years so in terms of expense, this may also be better than medicating, not to mention some of the jewelry I looked at is actually quite cute! The color itself is very warming and has a lot of the hues one can find in watching a beautiful sunset.

Yellow amber is the most pure and is also called “butter” followed by lemongrass, honey, cognac, cherry and then black cherry. So the darker you go, the less succinic acid contained.  It is produced from plant resin, not tree sap.  Most of the oldest amber comes from areas around the Baltic Sea.  The biggest producer of Baltic Amber is Kaliningrad, a city in Russia.

I think adding the wear of an amber bracelet day here and there could be a good idea on one’s path to supporting themselves and their well being.  I found sites that sell jewelry for both men & women!