Why Try Yoga-ing?

Yoga has many benefits including improved circulation, sleep, mental clarity, flexibility, and strength.  To me, it became a gradual exploration of my body and breath to the point where I got to know the map of my body and how to navigate it.  I found the balance between push and pull, I brought the breath into points where I may have been stuck or tense, and I continuously helped my body’s natural detoxification process by bringing in good prana and releasing what I no longer needed.  With time, I felt immense health benefits and really enjoy when I come to my mat.

Prior to the class at Easton Yoga where I fell in love, I had attended one other yoga class a couple years prior.  I remember my friend and I laughing at how “out there” we thought it was and I found it very odd that the teacher came around to touch my feet at the end of it, almost even uncomfortable. But after a major health crisis, I guess I became more willing and curious to try anything in my power to help myself deal, and in the process I began to heal. Through reading books like Max Strom’s “A Life Worth Breathing” and by continuously coming back to my mat, I soon FELT the benefits of a regular yoga practice to my wellbeing. I became more grounded, more centered, and more able to deal with life and the curves it can throw you and in the midst of it all find gratitude, stillness, and beauty. I also had this energy that I hadn’t really been accustomed to before. My yoga practice has gone through ups and downs, times where I tried to push too hard or lost my breath or became distracted, but something that is constant is that after seven years of practicing, I have never regretted a time that I came on to my mat. I encourage you to try different teachers, as it will help enrich your journey and see the many different styles of yoga there is. The breath will be your guide throughout the practice – Listen to it.

I like to teach a vinyasa flow class that has a warm up, followed by standing postures, building up to a peak pose. We will then cool back down onto the mat, hoping to feel the subtle difference and more openness created through the dance of yoga. The classes will end with a final relaxation where your body can feel and settle into the effects.

Yoga is beyond the asana, it is a blending of breath, movement, balance and connection to YOU before any inner or outer voices may have intruded. It is a very personal journey to get to know your body, listen to it, and find that sweet spot of grace, strength, and peace. Those moments where you feel alive, prana is unleashed, and you believe you can fly. It helps you to stay present even in times of struggle and it helps you to let go.

It is human nature not mother nature that sometimes gets tense, stuck in the past, or depressed. By clearing out the blockages through a guided breath practice, you can bring fresh oxygen into the lungs, improve digestion, and help your body’s innate cleansing practices through making different shapes with the body and encouraging blood flow in different directions. The cleaner you become internally and the more you practice on the mat, the clearer the results will be beyond the mat and into your life.  You can feel the shift.

The goal of my classes is to guide you on YOUR unique journey while practicing safely and allowing and empowering each student to find what works for their body at this particular time. If you have no current yoga practice, I recommend starting with an eight week beginner course and commit to the eight weeks before you come to any conclusion on whether yoga is right for you. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised!

Namaste and Many Blessings,