Why Try Yoga-ing?

Has the past year got you a bit down, rattled, overwhelmed, a little sluggish and unsure of the future? Do you feel stuck between having hope and trying to “wait until it’s over”?  Do you want to create a healthier lifestyle but aren’t sure where to start? 

Never wait on YOU.  Never wait on building a stronger, better, more resilient YOU. 

I can help.  Life definitely has ups and downs but from my experience and journey through cancer, motherhood, career and country changes – it starts with your foundation- it starts with YOU. A physically healthy body can respond much better to life and relationships and even become comfy with the unknowns.  And when I say physically healthy this has nothing to do with weight.  Weight may be how some of us define healthy and for others maybe it’s money or education.  For me, it is how you FEEL on a day to day basis.  Are you connected to what you are DOING and who you are DOING it with?  Are you happy in your relationships? Are you present? Can you sit still at peace with yourself?  Are you connected to making this world a better place?  

My yoga practice has taught me the foundational road map to myself and how to stay rooted and take care of me so that I can better serve.  I have been teaching yoga for over 5 years; studying and practicing it for over 10.   I created BYouYoga while living in Zug, Switzerland.  After my own health crisis – I wanted to use what I learned about what it felt to fully embody my body and aid it’s processes…even during tough times and transitional shifts.  The body always wants and knows how to heal.  Sometimes, we get in the way.  I have my 200 hour certification from Easton Yoga and have recently completed my 500hr certification with Brett Larkin’s Uplifted Yoga Community.    I am also a certified Health Coach through IIN and have taken a multitude of different workshops to learn more about the body and how it craves the right kind of movement to keep it running smoothly.  So if anything in the first paragraph rings true for you at this point in your life- let me be your guide.  My journey through cancer, into motherhood, and living as an expat all taught me that no matter where you are in life – you can travel back home.  Let me help guide you home. 

I am offering a FREE private session which can be booked on my offerings page.  There – you will also find information on joining my online community, scheduling private sessions or discounted packs of sessions, and much more!


Order my first book!

The seed was planted for this first book when Kira was in my belly and now it’s here! – it details my healing journey through cancer into motherhood, moving to Switzerland, and beginning to teach something I love – yoga, breathing, mindful movement, meditation. I hope it makes you laugh cry and feel all the feels. Pick up a copy here and let me know what ya think.