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Metta Float – Metta WTF?!

So my good friend Joy – if I haven’t mentioned her before in a blog post – she is the Thelma to my Louise, my sister from another mother, someone who understands a piece of me that is unexplainable in words but deeply feels, anyways, she suggested for our Christmas girls day out that we … Continue reading Metta Float – Metta WTF?! →

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I am thankful this Thanksgiving

All this month, in all of my classes, all of my quotes have been about gratitude. I can tell you even sharing quotes on gratitude makes me happier.  Most of them set my heart at ease that we all have something, something to be thankful for – we can start with the air we breathe … Continue reading I am thankful this Thanksgiving →

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To Chant or not to Chant? That is the question…today

So I have decided to take my 300 hr teacher training online with Brett Larkin and I am super excited. I have already received the manuals and am going through all of the bridge material.  I was signed up to go to Thailand this past May (pre Covid) for my 300 hr teacher training and … Continue reading To Chant or not to Chant? That is the question…today →

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The Social Dilemna

My hubs and I recently watched the movie Social Dilemna which we had both heard of and seen talked about on none other than social media. I have to say I was disturbed, concerned, intrigued, and felt like some of it confirmed a lot of what I had been feeling or thinking since returning back … Continue reading The Social Dilemna →

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